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I have many causes and organizations that are close to my heart.  Here are just a few.

Animal Hearted Apparel:This amazing company offers clothes for animal lovers.  They even have some snazzy outfits for dogs!  My sister, Hope, is an affiliate for Animal Hearted Apparel.  Use coupon code HAVINGHOPEALWAYS to save 10% on your order!  Check out their official website at:

Therapy Dogs International:
This organization aids in training dogs to become certified Therapy Dogs.  These dogs provide touch therapy to the people that they visit.  My sister, Adriel, is a Therapy Dog and loves going on her visits.  To learn more, check out their official website at:

Tripawds Pet Blog Community: This is an amazing group made up tripod animal owners.  There are photos, serveys, discussion forums, live chats and more!  While this website specializes in animals that have become tripods due to cancer, they are supportive of all tripod creatures.  To learn more and sign up for their e-newsletter, visit their official website at:

Busdies/Petsies:Budsies is a wonderful company that creates custom plush from either photos or drawings that you submit. They also have the new Petsies collection where they will create a custom plush of your pet (s). I was blown away by the fantastic job that they did making a plush of my blind/deaf mini double dapple Dachshund, Hope. To begin making your custom creation, visit their website at:

To get 10% off of your Budsies/Petsies order, use my referral code by clicking this link:

Adopted is my favorite breed! You can find your perfect pet match by visiting your local animal shelters.  Some of my favorite agencies and groups are:

2nd Chance Animal Rescue-Illinois: This is where it all began!  Thanks to the kindness of Ms. Cynthia Lee, I was rescued in California and transported to Illinois by Mr. Mario Gandolfo.  I was then fostered by Ms. Sherri Scharf before finding my forever home.  There are many more dogs (and other animals, too) waiting to be adopted and loved.  Please check out this wonderful organization's Facebook page at:‎.

Flying "B" Pet Transportation:
This organization saved my life, literally!  Mr. Mario Gandolfo is a USDA Licensed Nationwide Animal Transporter who graciously picks up rescued animals and transports them to rescue organizations all throughout the country.  He takes great care of every animal that he saves and makes sure that their journey is as comfortable as can be.  Please visit his official website at:

The Humane Society of Missouri:
This organization has a beautiful facility where dogs are not kept in cages, but in individual rooms.  Classical music is played daily to help keep the dogs feeling calm and happy.  There are also plastic tubes attached to the outside of each room in which visitors can even give the dogs a treat!  The Humane Society of Missouri also has cats, rabbits and birds available for adoption.  To learn more, visit their website at:

Animal Protective Association of Missouri:This organization takes great pride in providing excellent care for all of its rescued animals.  They even offer low cost spay and neuter services at their veterinary clinic!  Their passion for animals knows no bounds.  They are also heavily involved in community outreach and humane education.  Mom and I volunteer on the weekends and help teach the humane education class. You can even have your birthday party at the APA!  They also host one of my favorite annual events:  The Canine Carnival!  To learn more, visit their website at:

Partners 4 Pets: This organization offers a foster program in which you can help save dogs from overcrowded shelters.  You can select a dog (or two) to foster until a forever home is found.  This is truly a rewarding experience and I have been a foster sister to two such dogs.  To become a foster parent, or to learn more about pets available for adoption, visit their website at:

Dachshund Rescue of North America​​​​: This organization specializes in rescuing Dachshunds all over the country!  They have an amazing team of foster families who help socialize these poor pooches, many of whom were dumped by backyard breeders.  Their volunteers also assist with transports, uniting rescued Doxies with their forever families.  My fur sister, Hope came from this amazing rescue group.  To learn more about their available Dachshunds and ways that you can help, visit their website at:

Eleventh Hour​​ Rescue:This organization is completely volunteer based and helps to literally save dogs and cats from death row.  Animals all across the country count on these wonderful people to give them a second chance at life.  Eleventh Hour Rescue is also in the process of raising money to build a brand new kennel facility for their animals.  Visit their website at: 
www.ehrdogs.orgto view all adoptable animals as well as visit their online store.

Mark Barone is a fabulous artist who set out on an incredible mission.  He painted 5,500 portraits of shelter dogs who had been euthanized for reasons such as lack of space, lack of adoption interest, and even for "looking like a Pitbull."

I proudly support Barone as his continues to shed light on the importance of ending the needless killing of shelter dogs, like me!  Click on the play icon to watch his PBS documentary.​​
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