Here I am amazing my parents by jumping over a 3 foot pet gate!
Check out my campaign video!  Please pledge to my project!
I love to make our rescue kitten, Miracle, purr in her sleep!
Here I am playing with Miracle, our rescue kitten!
Here I am back when I was known as 'Daisy' hanging out at the Orange County, CA Animal Shelter.
I officially turned 2 years old on September 22, 2013! 
I loved eating my special birthday cookie!
I had no idea what to make of the bathtub the first time I saw it.
I love to play with my fox toy!
I love playing tug-of-war with Domino!
My mom and dad love to watch me run.  It's more like a hop!
Who knew that a laser pointer is so much fun?
I had a blast at my very first Easter egg hunt!
Check out this neat video that my mom created about my adoption journey!
I love my Daddy's belly rubs!
My furry sister, Miracle, and I battle for the laser pointer!  Who wins?  Watch and find out!
Things get crazy when I get together with Hope and Cole!
I love spending time with my daddy!
Playing with Hope is so much fun!
Check out Book Trailer #2!
This is my very first official book trailer!
Priceless Penny was voted one of the Best Kids Picture Books of 2016!
Check out the celebrity reading of my book by Deirdre Franklin of Pinups for Pitbulls and Alyona DelaCoeur of Why Does My Dog?  And a special thanks to cutie pie Baxter Bean!
Check out the celebrity review of my book by Alyona DelaCoeur of Why Does My Dog?
Mom and I are so honored to have been mentioned in Ms. Jennifer Blome's interview with KTRS 550!
I loved showing off my crazy tripawd agility skills at the APA of Missouri Volunteer BBQ!
I love taking care of my blind/deaf Dachshund sister, Hope!
Check out my mom signing copies of my children's book at the IBPA booth at the ALA Conference in Chicago, Illinois!
I am on a mission to show the world that different is beautiful!  Join me!
Penny was featured on Sammy's Stars on KSDK News Channel 5!
I loved getting to meet my very first piglet at the Kansas City Pet Expo!
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